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Curriculum Review Committee

The San Diego City College Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) is a standing committee of the Academic Senate. The CRC shall ensure San Diego City College's curriculum meets the standards and criteria defined by the mission statement of the College, District guidelines, and the Education Code, especially the California Code of Regulations (Title 5, Section 5300.2).

Curriculum review is required for any additions, changes, or deletions to the portions of the catalog that describe programs and courses.


Chair (1 - 2):
The chair will be one (or two, in the case of co-chairs) faculty representative(s) to be elected by the committee (CRC). The faculty committee chair(s) will receive reassigned time supported by the Office of Instruction. The term for chair(s) shall be two years.

Academic Senate (14 - 21):
Articulation Officer, Counselor, Librarian, Evaluator, 10-15 faculty at large (a balanced representation among arts, and sciences and occupational and technical disciplines). May include adjunct faculty and a campus DSPS representative.

Administration (1 - 3):
Vice President of Instruction. May include CTE Dean and Non-CTE Dean, appointed by the College President.

Classified Senate (0 - 1):
May include Classified Professional, appointed by the Classified Senate.


A quorum must have aminimum of 50%+1 of the committee as determined by appointments at the beginning of each academic year.

Voting rights shall be confined to standing members of the committee and to the person holding a proxy of a standing member of the committee.


The agenda shall be distributed to all standing members prior to the meeting and originators whose proposal/s are on that meeting's agenda. Minutes of all meetings shall be taken and shall be distributed to the standing members of the committee, the proposal originators from that meeting's agenda, and to other faculty and staff upon request. Minutes shall be posted in a public folder accessible electronically. The Office of the Vice President of Instruction will provide clerical assistance for recording and dissemination of all minutes, reports, and required documents.


  • Reviews and approves new curriculum as well as revisions of current curriculum, such as courses, programs, certificates, and degrees, including distance education components, in collaboration with discipline experts.
  • Ensures curriculum is in the best interest of our students and meets standards and criteria defined by the mission statement of the College, District guidelines and Education Code, and the California Code of Regulations (Title 5).
  • Recommends policies and procedures regarding academic and professional matters.


2023-2024 MEMBERS

Member Title E-mail
Ahmed "Rasheed" Aden Professor, Counselor
Kathleen "Katy" Bailey Professor, English Language Acquisition (ELAC), English (ENGL)
John Bathke Professor, Native American and Indigenous studies (NAIS)
Alisha Bettencourt Professor, Psychology (PSYC)
Jennifer Boots Curriculum Chair
Professor, English Language Acquisition (ELAC), English (ENGL)
Shana Carr Professor, Business Studies (BUSE)
Alejandra Castaneda Professor, Chicana/o Studies (EGEE)
Alexandra Carson Project Analyst
Curriculum Support
Lisa Chaddock Professor, Geography (GEOG)
Jennifer Chambers Professor, Biology (BIOL)
Matilda "Tillie" Chavez Vice President of Instruction
Rebecca Collins Professor, Child Development (CHIL)
Shelli Homer Professor, English (ENGL)
Lan Hong Professor, Mathematics (MATH)
David Kennemer Professor, Information, Network, and Technology (INWT)
Robert "Bob" Kostlan Acting Curriculum Chair
Professor, Commercial Music and Music (MUSC/MUSI)
Cy Kuckenbaker Professor, Radio, Television, Video and Film (RTVF)
Christina Monaco District Evaluator
Leann Mulholland Librarian
Professor, Library Science (LIBS)
Tayler Nichols Professor, Counselor
Elizabeth Norvell Articulation Officer
Masahiro "Masa" Omae Dean, School of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Consumer and Family Studies
Hilda Osuna District Evaluator
Alison Palleschi Professor, Nursing Education (NRSE)
Tori Randall Professor, Anthropology (ANTH)
Behnam Salemi Professor, Computer Information Sciences (CISC)
Mary "Maggie" Stone District Evaluator
Kim Sweeney Professor, Psychology (PSYC)
LeeAnn Taylor Professor, Exercise Science (EXSC) and Athletics
Erelyn Vinegas Professor, Nursing Education (NRSE)
Vacant Administrative Technician N/A
Vacant Project Assistant N/A


Meeting Days and Time

Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) meets at 2:00pm every first and third Wednesday.
Technical Review Workgroup (TRW) meets at 2:00pm every second and fourth Wednesday.