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Welcome to the Believe Counseling Department

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Who We Are:

The Believe Program offers support services to parent learners who receive TANF/CalWORKs benefits. Intentional services have been designed to support student parents in their career, education and personal goals.

Mission Statement:

To welcome parent learners and their children! To guide and empower individuals through advocacy, academic and personal counseling to achieve higher education leading to the attainment of a successful career and economic independence.                            

CalWORKs Believe February 2024 Hours & Important Dates

February 2024 CalWORKs Believe Office Hours and Important Dates

Program Contact:

Phone: Office (619) 388-3797 or  Remote (619) 800-3875


Office Location: Building L - Room 121 (first floor - Families are welcome)

Interested in making extra money? Join the Believe Work-study program.

We reccommend all eligible students start CalWORKs work-study first and then transition to Federal work-study.

Benefits of work-study are:

  • Income you earn doesn't affect cash-aid
  • Hours worked count towards your welfare-to-work plan
  • Experience gained builds on your resume and skills
  • Meet new people and expand your networking opportunities
  • Great way to increase your references 

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Spring 2024 CalWORKs Believe Student Workshops 

CalWORKs Believe Spring 2024 Workshops

Additional Information:

CalWORKs Eligibility

Student Success Tips

County Forms

Welfare-To-Work Case Information

Supportive Services

  • Academic, career and personal counseling
  • Work study (campus employment that will not affect your cash aid)
  • Early class enrollment
  • Student success workshops
  • Campus resources and referrals
  • Scholarship assistance
  • ITP (Individual Training Plan)
  • Fun activities for your family
  • School supplies each semester (backpack, notebook paper, flash-drive, etc.)

Program Learning Outcomes

  • The "Believe" CalWORKs program will provide comprehensive educational plans through counseling academic advising sessions with faculty to Believe Participants in addition to Individual Training Plan documentation for county aid.
  • "Believe" CalWORKs students will be provided work study and job placement opportunities to support efforts towards self-sufficiency.
  • Through the efforts of the "Believe" CalWORKs program, students will have access to employment skills training with campus and community partners. 

Believe Team

San Diego City College CalWORKs team is here to support you. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us. 

Mariam Mena


Program Coordinator & Counselor-  Mariam Mena 619.388.3773.Other languages spoken: Arabic. Click here to learn more about Mariam.





Counselor - Fabiola Beck-Threats, 619.388.3797. Other languages spoken: Spanish. Click here to learn more about Fabiola. 





Administrative Technician -Yanira Rodriguez 619.388.3774 Other languages spoken: Spanish. Click here to learn more about Yanira.