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Career Pathways Institute

Applications Now Open for 2019-2020!



The Career Pathways Institute (CPI) is a year-long professional development program that provides City College employees the opportunity to learn or enhance existing workplace skills, and aims to foster an environment of collaboration and a sense of belonging throughout the campus. The program is coordinated by the Professional Development Office under the guidance of President Shabazz, with input by leadership from the Classified Senate and the Supervisory & Professional Administrators Association (SPAA). All City College employees are welcomed to apply and participate.

Participants are required to attend professional development workshops, and then meet monthly as a group to discuss and reflect on various topics about career advancement and leadership in higher education. More information on program components and estimated time commitments are detailed below.


  1. Group meetings, with featured guests (monthly, 1-2 hours)
  2. Readings and reflection (monthly, 1-2 hours)
  3. Workshops* (varies, monthly, 1-4 hours)
    • Workshops are part of the professional development offerings available to the campus. Planned workshops for the year include but are not limited to:
      • Culturally Competent Leadership Development (series of 4)**
      • Grant Writing
      • Event Management
      • Time Management
      • Data Literacy**
      • Public Speaking
      • Equity-centered Leadership Qualities
      • "FRISK" Training
      • Mentorship Principles
      • Office Technology
      • Career Advancement in the California Community Colleges**
      • Resume and Cover Letter Strategies
      • Mock Interviews
  4. Job shadowing (once per semester, 2-4 hours)

*Workshops are still being scheduled and will be announced and added to the Professional Development Calendar as they are confirmed.

** Required workshops for the Career Pathways Institute


All City College employees are eligible and encouraged to apply, with their supervising manager's approval. Two (2) forms must be submitted:

  1. Career Pathways Institute Application
  2. Supervising Manager Approval

 Important Dates (2019-2020)

  • Application period: September 6 - 27
  • Participants notified by: September 30
  • Orientation (30mins): October 2


Can I use this professional development program to advance on the pay scale?

Unfortunately, no, this program is not being offered for units at this time.

I'm unable to attend all of the group meetings. Can I still participate?

Yes, though it is highly recommended that you attend most of the meetings to get the benefit of this cohort-based program.

Can I just attend the workshops without going to the meetings or participating in the job shadow?

Yes! The workshops are available to all City College employees. The CPI program includes the group/cohort meetings, guided reflection assignments, and job shadow opportunities, in addition to the workshops.


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Last updated: 2019-08-26