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Instructional Improvement (Flex)

Instructional Improvement (Flex) is required of all faculty teaching a primary term (16-week) class. This requirement is based upon activities that faculty complete in lieu of instruction for the days/weeks that classes would have been in session were the district not on a 16-week compressed calendar (see Title 5, section 55724).

Contract faculty with 1.00 FTE will have a Flex obligation of 10 hours per semester. Adjunct faculty or contract overload assignments will have a Flex obligation that is equal to the sum of the weekly classroom hours for all classes assigned. (from the SDCCD Instructional Improvement Handbook, page 1)

To view your Flex contract, register for workshops, submit an independent project, and find more information about Flex, please visit the District's Instructional Improvement (Flex) website:

If you are to require further assistance or have any questions regarding Flex activity's or independant projects. Please contact Don Long at

Link to SDCCD Flex website

2023-24 Deadlines


Fall 2023

Spring 2024

Independent Project Proposal To be Determined To be Determined
Complete Flex Obligation To be Determined To be Determined


Add Your Activity to the Calendar

If you are organizing an activity for faculty (eg: meeting, workshop, conference, etc.) that will improve instruction, please submit this form to add it to the Flex system (visible to faculty, only) and City's professional development calendar (visible to all):

Add Your Activity to the PD Calendar



Flex deadlines are listed in the instructional improvement handbook or the State Chancellor's office, Flex deadlines remain unchanged. Please be sure that you are logging in all of the meetings and webinars you have been attended.

Please make sure you are using the updated District Flex url:

Faculty can also click on the Flex link under the Faculty Quicklinks module on the College Faculty Dashboard in Campus Solutions/PeopleSoft, see screenshot below:

Screenshot of the Faculty Dashboard in Campus Solutions with the Flex link highlighted

Note: Login ID and password will be the same as mySDCCD portal (aka Campus Solutions, PeopleSoft).

If you continue to experience technical problems logging in, please submit a support ticket to the mySDCCD Support Desk:

If you have questions about Flex, please contact Don Long,

If you are teaching a class that is more, or less, than the regular, primary term of 16 weeks, you are not required to complete Flex hours.

For contract faculty: If the event or workshop you attended was in the same academic year in which you need to claim for Flex credit, then yes, you can get credit.

For adjunct faculty: If the event or workshop you attended was in the same semester that you are teaching, yes, you can receive credit. Please log into the Flex system and find the activity (the coordinator/facilitator of the activity should have the Flex number).

All faculty: Activities completed during the period between the Spring semester Flex deadline and the fiscal year deadline (June 30) will not count towards Flex for either the previous or upcoming year.

Activities that count towards instructional improvement may include (per Title 5, Section 55724):

  1. Course instruction and evaluation;
  2. Staff Development, in-service training and Instructional improvement;
  3. Program and course curriculum or learning resource development and evaluation;
  4. Student personnel services;
  5. Learning resource services;
  6. Related activities such as student advising, student orientation, matriculation services, and student, faculty and staff diversity;
  7. Departmental meeting, conferences, workshops, and Institutional Research;
  8. Other duties as assigned by the district;
  9. The necessary supporting activities for above.

(from the SDCCD Instructional Improvement Handbook, page 9)

Last updated: 11-30-22