scholarship announcement


Each year the San Diego City College community (donors, staff, faculty, and community members) gathers to celebrate the high achieving and outstanding students who are awarded the San Diego City College Foundation scholarships. Join me in congratulating this year’s scholarship awardees -

Andrew Tan Tai Moore

Edwidge Dupard

Annette Bening

Andrea Murrieta

Archaeology - Dr. Susan M. Hector Scholarship 

Kimberly Appleabaum

Samantha Davis

Associated Student Government - Single Parent Scholarship      

Kassandra Munoz

Ivonne Quintero Bahena

Associated Student Government Scholarship for Commuters     

Alondra Lopez

Kassandra Munoz

Associated Student Government Scholarship for Determination              

Oscar Garza

Associated Student Government Scholarship for Perseverance 

Kelly Giang

Elizabeth Guzman

Alondra Lopez

Biology - Edward Roach

Emily Carpenter

Leslie Lopez

Biology - Robert L. Strecker        

Denzel John Galamgam

Barbara Saucedo

Board of Trustees Scholarship Supported by the Scott A. and Elizabeth V. Christensen Foundation (Cosmetology)               

Natalie  Perez

Jesika Vigil-Vado

Board of Trustees Scholarship Supported by the Scott A. and Elizabeth V. Christensen Foundation (Nursing)      

Michelle Griebe

Grigore Sula

California Coast Credit Union Scholarship            

Maxine Amaru

Blanca Estrada Miranda

Patricia Kammerzell

Kendell Walker

Carlos Sanz Memorial Scholarship          

Jerusalen Davila

Chancellor's Scholarship             

Alan Galindo-Martinez

Classified Senate-Student Scholarship  

Nzinga Dyke

EOPS Scholarships                          

Joyce Avila Ledezma

Carmen Ruiz

Blanca Arisvet Estrada Miranda

Ivonne Bahena

Edwidge Dupard

Alexandro Espinoza

Kelly Giang

Carlos Guerrero

Leslie Lopez

Duc Nguyen

Mercedes Preciado

Angel Sandoval

Grainger Inc. of San Diego          

Mizraim Flores Silva

Honors -Level Psychology Major Award for City College Students            

Julie Eitzen

Mikayla Veizaga

Kendell Walker

Honors Program - Leora Dumlao              

Jenifer Glor

Honors Program - Sally Kronovet             

Blanca Estrada Miranda

James P. Dowd Memorial Scholarship   

Gregory Gunn

Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship

Raghad Al Bawab

Marie Brown

Kobra Haddad

Tsige Meshesha

Chris Pedroza

Michael Wang                  

Microbiology - Leboffe-Pierce  

Betel Mulugeta

Angeline Nishimwe

National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)      

Angelica Campos

Nursing - Hoat Le            

Caitlin Harris

Leslie Lopez

Jelena Milenovic

Priscilla Moore

Nursing - Michele Elaine Pierce

Tara Tarries       

Peace Studies   

Lisette  Figueroa

Peggy Gray Spanninga Transfer Scholarship       

Fatoumata Balde

Jade Benn

Gema Carrasco

Ojulu Damene

Nefertiti Duval

Denzel John Galamgam

Stephanie Garcia

Alondra Lopez

Mercedes Preciado

Paris Wells                         

San Diego Gas & Electric Leadership Award        

Michael Wang

Scholarship for Student with a Disability             

Arthur   Williams

SDCCD Management Association            

Lauren Cronin

Jerusalen Davila

San Diego County Citizens Foundation Scholarship for San Diego Promise Students

Jacqueline Cristal Cheran Valencia

Adriana Laguna-Araujo

Ana Macedo

Faida Malenga

Merry Matti

Marie Migambi

Yasmin Musse

Serafin Ortega Ramirez

Marisela Salcedo Aldana

Ayan Yusuf

Nimo Yusuf        

Silvergate Bank Scholarship       

Ted Brockway

Jeremy Marrella

Kassandra Munoz

Yasmin  Musse

Mercedes Preciado

Austin Rumbo

Barbara Saucedo

Angela  Siefner

Sinegal Entrepreneur Scholarship           

Angelica Campos

Franziska Collier

Kobra Haddad

Ryan Martin

Sinegal Internship Scholarship  

Anastacia Edwards

Stephen L. Tadlock Memorial   

Maxine Amaru

Student Affairs Scholarship        

Caitlin Harris

The American Federation of Teachers Larry Schwartz Memorial Scholarship       

Franziska Collier

Jeremy Marrella

Steven Navarro

The Wallace T. Homitz Memorial Scholarship    

Joel Hurtado

University of Phoenix Scholarship           

Arantxa Alvarez

Van Kirk and Cole Scholarship  

Mikayla Veizaga


Scholarships can help offset the cost of college and can be used toward a variety of educational costs throughout the school year.

There are a wide variety of scholarships available to our students. Students are eligible to apply to for  campus and outside scholarship opportunities on an ongoing basis - visit to create an online profile to apply for campus scholarships. Please be sure to use Firefox or Google Chrome when you visit

If you have any questions, please visit us in M200, Office of Student Affairs. We're here to help you succeed.

If you are a current scholarship recipient we invite you to stop by M200- Student Affairs to learn more about maximizing your funding for the current school year.

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Important Information

General Criteria

Students must be enrolled at San Diego City College for Fall and Spring semesters to be eligible for on campus scholarship opportunities.

Specific Criteria

Each scholarship opportunity has specific requirements, please read the requirements for each scholarship and be sure to submit all documentation to be considered for the opportunity. 

Please note all academic information submitted; GPA, course completion, enrollment,  club membership, etc. will be verified. Please exercise integrity when you apply for scholarships.

Applicants will be notified by e-mail with the Scholarship Selection Committees' decisions. Awards will be presented at the Scholarship Awards Ceremony during the Spring semster. Attendance at the event is required for release of scholarship funds. Nonattendance will, in most cases, result in forfeiture of the scholarship award.

NOTE: The District and College provide notice of all student scholarship opportunities made known to them regardless of the qualifications, which the entities offering the scholarships may attach to the scholarships. The District and College do not discriminate or grant preferential treatment on the basis of color, race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin in their public education programs.

On Campus Scholarships

The San Diego City College Foundation and the Office of Student Affairs are very pleased to offer scholarships to qualified San Diego City College students. The generous gifts of faculty, staff, and community supporters throughout San Diego make these awards possible. San Diego City College is grateful to all who contribute to the academic excellence and success of our students. These scholarships are tailored to specific career programs, leadership and/or community involvement.

Over $400,000 in scholarships are made available each year between San Diego City Foundations and the San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees. Applications are made available online from December 1 - February 25 each year at

Student eligibility is based on Fall and Sprng enrollment at San Diego City College. The units successfully completed in the Fall semester will be counted toward the minimum number of units required to apply. Please read the information and requirements (criteria) on each application before applying.

No person shall be unlawfully subjected to discrimination or denied full and equal access to, or the benefits of, district programs or activities on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, sex, gender identity, gender, race, color, medical condition, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability. 

Refer to Board of Trustees Policy 3410 for more information. 

Outside Scholarships

Many scholarships are offered each year by private organizations, businesses, and educational institutions. Each scholarship has different requirements and application procedures. To find out more, visit the individual scholarship websites.

Are you interested in posting your scholarship opportunity on our webpage? Did you find a broken link or need to report on one of the listed opportunities?

Please send your information to for review. Thank you for supporting our San Diego City College Students!

Outside Scholarship Reimbursements

Please note - Reimbursements/refunds will ONLY be processed once the semester starts and will only be processed after the add/drop period - typically the second Friday of the semester for 16 week courses and the third Monday of the semester for 8 week courses.