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Mental Health Counseling

We Are Here For You!

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In Crisis?
Call or Text 988
| Free 24/7, Confidential

Mental Health Counseling offers a wide range of services to enrolled students including:

  • Individual counseling
  • Couple counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Case management
  • Community referrals
  • Crisis intervention
  • Workshops
  • Trainings

Visits do not go on your academic record.

Video teletherapy sessions are available to enrolled students (with in-person sessions based on district and public health protocols). To learn more, watch this short video!

If this is a mental health emergency, please call or text 988 or call 911

Click here to request an appointment. The more availability you provide, the sooner you will be scheduled. Please fill the form completely and do not share any information that is considered confidential. This is not a confidential way to communicate.

Please note counselors are not available to respond nights, weekends, or during school closures. Instead call or text 988.

Photo of Student Health Center

Crisis Policy

An appointment may be shortened or rescheduled in the event of a presenting crisis or emergency. We appreciate your understanding.

Cancellation/No Show Policy

Please contact Mental Health Counseling at least 24 hours prior to your appointment if you need to cancel so that we may offer that time to another student in need 619-388-3055. Failure to attend two consecutively scheduled appointments may result in a referral to community resources. 

Mental Health Counseling is staffed by Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, Associate Clinical Social Workers, Associate Marriage & Family Therapists, Associate Professional Clinical Counselors, graduate interns from Alliant International University (AIU), California State University San Marcos (CSUSM), San Diego State University (SDSU), and University of San Diego (USD).


The Student Health Center's departmental mission is to foster the academic and personal success of students by supporting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the college community.

Student Program Outcomes

The Student Health Center is proud to provide quality, evidenced-based care to students. Among Mental Health Counseling's successes documented:

  • Increased student access to community resources by bringing outside community partners to campus.
  • Provided campus-wide outreach education and stigma reduction efforts to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Provided orientation and follow up services to students, supporting both academic and personal success.
  • Demonstrated improvement in functioning as measured by positive changes in assessment scores.

Free and Confidential Screenings

We have been awarded a two-year partnership with the Nod app, granting FREE access campus-wide!


Nod is addressing loneliness on college campuses.
Combining science and student-powered design to give college students the skills they need to build meaningful social connections.

Nod is rooted in the latest evidence-based practices including positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness self-compassion.

How take advantage of this amazing resource:

  1. Download the Nod app on your mobile device. Nod can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Once installed, select San Diego City College from the school selection screen.
  3. Create your own username and password.
  4. Confirm your account/email via your emailed verification link. Please note: you must open the email and click the verify link from the mobile device you have installed Nod.
  5. Have fun and explore ideas, reflections, and testimonials!
    • Ideas: prompts based on the science of social connection that help you take action.
    • Reflections: short in-app exercises to process social experiences, track your mood, reduce self-criticism, and build resilience.
    • Testimonials: real student perspectives on social connection.

Active Minds Chapter

Active Minds is the nation's leading nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for students. Powered by a network of over 800 campus chapters, Active Minds is creating communities of support and saving lives! We proudly advise the student-led Active Minds at San Diego City College. This chapter is a team of students who serve as advocates, stigma fighters, and educators for mental health! They hold regular meetings, host campus-wide events, collaborate with on-campus departments or programs and other student-led groups, collaborate with off-campus Active Minds chapters or local agencies, and seek Active Minds mini grants or other funding and leadership opportunities. All enrolled students are welcome to join! *There is no membership fee. To join this fall 2022 or for more information, contact: Active Minds Faculty Advisor, Nadia at


Peer Educators

As part of our suicide prevention efforts, we recruit students as Peer Educators. Peer Educators serve as a link between the student body and Mental Health Counseling, promoting the personal and academic success of all students by supporting overall wellness. Peer Educators conduct presentations and host numerous de-stress events throughout the academic year, educating the campus community on mental health in effort to reduce stigma associated with diagnoses and increase help seeking behaviors. All enrolled students are welcome to apply! We offer course credit through Work Experience and work-study through the Veteran Affairs Office. Applications are accepted shortly before each semester. For more information, contact: Peer Educator Coordinator, Abby at

Request a Classroom or Department Presentation

We offer a variety of presentations on available services and the warning signs of suicide as well as other mental health issues and challenges.

Flex# 15494: Feel Good Fridays!
Join Leslie Easton, LCSW for:
A Safe & Supportive Space for Faculty/Staff to Explore & Reflect on Self-Care on 10/14 from 12:00-1:00 PM via Zoom

More Fall Flex Events Coming Soon!

Faculty/staff consultations are also available.


SDCC & SDCCE Mental Health Partnership

In July of 2017, the California Community College Chancellor's Office awarded San Diego City College (SDCC) and San Diego College of Continuing Education (SDCCE) a mental health services grant to increase student access to mental health support. Be Well CE represents the partnership between SDCC Student Health Center and SDCCE Outreach.

Be Well CE

Key Objectives

  • Promote and provide screening services
  • Promote culturally competent referrals and response
  • Increase access and reduce racial disparities
  • Develop and implement stigma reduction programming
  • Implement education and training to faculty, staff and students
  • Develop partnerships with behavioral health clinics in the community

MindWise Screenings

MindWise Screenings are designed to provide a safe and anonymous way for individuals to check in on their mental health. MindWise validated screening tools allow students to take self-assessment questionnaires for 10 mental health conditions: depression, anxiety, substance use disorder (including opioids, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, inhalants, and more), alcohol use disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorder, bipolar disorder, psychosis, gambling disorder, and adolescent depression (to be completed by parent or guardian). Results are not a medical diagnosis but a suggestion, and starting place to learn more. Students will receive resources emailed to them upon completing the assessment.

Outreach and Training

Be Well CE is committed to promoting the training of faculty/staff and students on early identification, intervention and referral services to better serve our students. Trainings provided:

  • LGBTQ Academy
  • SafeZone Training
  • QPR Suicide Prevention
  • De-escalation Training for Distressed Students
  • Trauma Informed Response to Sexual Assault Disclosures
  • Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Reduction
  • And many more!

The Board of Behavioral Sciences receives and responds to complaints regarding services provided within the scope of practice of clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, and professional clinical counselors. You may contact the board online at, or by calling 916-574-7830.

The Mental Health Counseling of the San Diego City College receives and responds to complaints regarding the practice of psychotherapy by any unlicensed or unregistered counselor providing services at San Diego City College. To file a complaint, contact 619-388-3055,,, or Mental Health Counseling A-180, 1313 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101.

Crisis Policy

An appointment may be shortened or rescheduled in the event of a presenting crisis or emergency. We appreciate your understanding.

Cancellation/No Show Policy

Please contact Mental Health Counseling at least 24 hours prior to your appointment if you need to cancel so that we may offer that time to another student in need 619-388-3055. Failure to attend two consecutively scheduled appointments may result in a referral to community resources.