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Schedule Request Submission

PLEASE NOTE: Schedule requests must be approved before they can go into affect. You will receive email confirmation approving or not approving your request.

Time Report Submissions

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Time Report Submission

PLEASE NOTE: All employees are expected to log into Peoplesoft (mySDCCD) and enter the hours worked that week onto your timesheet. Account for holidays and other Schedule Request adjustments made during the week. It could impact your pay if you do not do this weekly. Submit a monthly Time Report recording all hours worked for the month by the 20th of each month. You may need to project hours in PeopleSoft. Hours should be inserted in fifteen minute increments only.


Professional Development

Tutor Professional Development:

Working in the English Center can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Your expertise and patience are an important part of student success at City College. In order for us to grow our skills and work experience, tutors are required to participate in professional development each academic semester. These modules are meant to be timely, interesting, and completely relevant to the work we do in the English Center and in education overall.


You are invited to develop your own professional development modules. Please talk to me about your ideas, and let's put them into action!

This website is our professional development home. Please refer to your current semester to find the most current information and requirements.

Professional Development:

Module #1: Training for Tough Tutorials

Module #2: ESOL Observation
Unit 1---Parts of Speech.ppt
Unit 2---Phrases, Clauses, & Sentence Structure.ppt
Unit 3---Simple & Progressive Verbs; Gerunds & Infinitives.ppt
Unit 4---Perfect & Passive Verbs.ppt
Unit 5---Complex Sentences.ppt
Unit 6---Overview of City ESOL Program.ppt

Module #3: Group Tutoring
Group Tutoring Worksheet
Group Tutoring PowerPoint

We would like to acknowledge the following sources for helping us develop our Group Tutoring Resources:

University of Albany, "Group Tutoring"

Ball State University, "Working With Groups",,36095--,00.html

Anoka-Ramsey Community College, "Group Tutoring"

Tutoring Resources

Tutors and Friends,

This list contains all the English Center worksheets we use while tutoring that can be found on the Canvas Public Shell under Student Resources. Feel free to download them from there and use in whatever way most helps you or your students. Going forward, we will continue to add to this page as we create new worksheets and other resources to help City College learners. Enjoy!

Basic Skills

These worksheets are focused on the specific needs of City College students in the following courses:

English 013A 
English 021
English 031 
English 047A

College Essays.pdf

How to Develop Ideas in Paragraphs.pdf

How to Read Critically.pdf

Introductions and Conclusions.pdf

Paragraph Basics.pdf

Thesis Basics.pdf


These worksheets are designed for use by City College students in any course.

Comma Placement.pdf

Pronoun Case.pdf

Pronouns and Antecedents.pdf

Run-On Sentences.pdf

Sentence Fragments.pdf

Subject-Verb Agreement.pdf

Verb Tense and Consistency.pdf

Transfer Level

These worksheets are focused on the writing needs of City College students in courses that are transferable to four-year institutions, such as, but not limited to:

Chicano Studies 141
English 101
English 105
English 205
English 208
History 109

...and more!

How to Use Citations.pdf

How to Use Research in Essays.pdf

How to Write a Strong Thesis.pdf

Research Basics.pdf

The Well-Developed Paragraph.pdf