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Email Signature Generator

All San Diego City College employees (including part-time) must use this signature generator to develop a signature for use in official email communications. Email signatures not generated via this signature generator dilute the SDCC brand and create inconsistencies, which reflects negatively on the public perception of our college.

SETUP: Enter your name, email address, job title, office phone number, preferred pronouns, and department/division/office. Entering a mobile number is optional.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Click the Social tab to customize the social media links in your signature. All social media links, with the exception of LinkedIn, must link to official college social media pages representing either the college or your department.

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Jon Doe
Department of Digital Media Production
Office: 619.555.5555
Facebook Icon Twitter Icon Youtube Icon Instagram Icon LinkedIn Icon
1313 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101-4787
San Diego City College welcomes and inspires every student to identify and pursue their community, personal, educational, and professional goals. We prioritize accessibility, equity, and social justice through student-centered support services and educational opportunities for global learning. We offer general education, associate and bachelor's degrees, transfer pathways, certificates, and career technical education for personal enrichment and economic mobility.
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