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Institute for Human Development

Mission Statement

The mission of the Institute is to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and the communities in which they live by providing education, training and support toward academic success and professional development in an innovative and collaborative environment where the exchange of ideas and resources is facilitated.

Vision Statement

The Institute embodies community driven solutions that inspired collaborative efforts to enhance well-being, build peaceful environments, expand global awareness and promote responsible living for individuals, families and communities.

Institute Description

The Institute for Human Development has been established to address the demand for highly skilled employees in the Health and Human Services fields and to open a variety of doors for students to advance from secondary to higher education. The Institute for Human Development links currently-existing Certificate and Associate Degree programs at San Diego City College, including Alcohol and Other Drug Studies, Child Development, Community Health Work and Youth Development Work, and a new Certificate and Associate Degree program in Peace Studies which includes mediation and conflict resolution content.

Because the Institute for Human Development locates representatives and activities from each of the above-mentioned program areas in one physical space, it gives instructors and students from each of the areas a place to exchange experiences and ideas about what is happening in the field. This interaction facilitates timely and relevant curriculum development designed to take students on one or more pathways into careers within Health and Human Services which include the areas of Alcohol and Other Drug Services Treatment & Recovery, Social Work, Child and Youth Development, Education, Counseling, Allied Health, Public Health, and Nursing. The inclusion of the new and growing field of Peace Studies, Mediation and Conflict Resolution provides innovative approaches to interpersonal and community conflicts that often inhibit action due to resolvable disagreements at the same time that it opens up academic roads for those students who want to pursue a Bachelor's Degree and perhaps graduate work and employment in Education, Conflict Resolution, Mediation and International Human Development.

For Furthur Information

Contact: Veronica Ortega, Ph.D.
San Diego City College Phone: (619) 388-3100