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Student Health Center

We Are Here For You!

The Student Health Center includes: Student Health Clinic and Mental Health Counseling. See the individual pages for details.

We've partnered with TimelyCare, a student-centered platform, to offer San Diego City College students FREE on-demand access to health and wellness (physical and mental health, basic needs) support 24/7!

While the Student Health Center is still your FIRST STOP for student health needs, this partnership offers support and resources 24/7, evenings, weekends, and during semester breaks!

Register here (using your email address).

Need help? TimelyCare is available for support at 

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The Student Health Center's department mission is to foster the academic and personal success of students by supporting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the college community.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Student Health Center is proud to provide quality, evidenced-based care to our students. Among our successes documented:

Mental Health Counseling

  • Increased student access to community resources by bringing outside community partners onto campus.
  • Provided campus-wide outreach education and stigma reduction efforts to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Provided orientation and follow up services to students supporting both academic and personal success.
  • Demonstrated improvement in functioning as measured by positive changes in assessment scores.

Student Health Clinic

  • Increased the number of students who learned their weight and associated Body Mass Index, (BMI). For students with increased BMI, students were educated about weight, benefits of losing weight, and a government resource that can help them learn more about the health issue.
  • Utilized the PHQ2 to assess depression in all students presenting to the Student Health Clinic, and as appropriate, worked with both the student and the Mental Health Counseling Center for treatment/referral.
  • Provided health care services to students, supporting both their academic and personal success.