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English Center

Welcome to the English Center!

Logo of English CenterWe provide a community-based learning environment to help City College students become more effective, confident, and independent readers, writers and critical thinkers by fostering mastery of the material, stimulating active learning, and increasing self-confidence.

Our tutoring philosophy is one of partnership, helping students to identify their strengths and overcome their challenges. Likewise, we provide guidance and mentorship to enhance each student's ability to succeed while working at their own pace.

We are dedicated to providing innovation in strategies, pedagogy, and quality training in all areas of tutoring, as well as ongoing collaboration with administration, faculty, staff, and student services.

Spring 2024: The English Center is available!

L-209 on Campus* and Online

 L-209 on Campus* and Online MONDAY-THURSDAY 9am - 4pm & SATURDAY 10am - 2pm; Online Only WEDNESDAY 4pm - 7pm
*Masks strongly encouraged for all on-campus visits

For Online Services on Canvas

Enroll into the English Center on Canvas and speak with one of our front desk staff during our open hours after clicking the button below
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We tutor reading, writing, and critical thinking skills in all courses across the curriculum including history, AODS, psychology, philosophy, and ELAC.


English Center Services

In support of this mission, our tutors offer assistance for all disciplines through insights on logic and critical thinking, writing clearly and effectively, constructing thesis statements, drafting outlines and researching topics, using MLA and APA styles of organization, avoiding plagiarism, revising work, and addressing grammar and sentence-level issues for all students:

  • One-on-one peer tutoring sessions
  • Group tutoring
  • Supplemental instruction
  • Workshops for students and faculty
  • Orientations
  • Consultations for faculty
  • The opportunity for qualified students to gain experience as peer tutors and mentors

When you arrive, simply sign in and wait for the next available tutor. While you wait for a tutor, you can sit in the lobby, study quietly at a table, or use our computer lab.
If you leave the English Center while waiting for a tutor and your name is called, it is possible that you might lose your place in line. Make sure you tell our front desk staff that you need to leave momentarily if you have to use the restroom or answer your phone.
If there is a particular tutor you enjoy working with, let us know when you sign in. If that tutor is available you are welcome to work with them again.

Best Practices

  • Come prepared for the session with all materials, handouts, drafts, instructions and anything else you might need to show the tutor so that he or she can best serve you.
  • Know what you need from the tutor. If you are unclear on what your tutoring needs are, describe them as best you can.
  • Budget your time. Expect to spend 5 to 30 minutes waiting for the next available tutor, and 20 to 40 minutes in the session itself, depending on your needs. All in all, we recommend that you budget for at least 1 hour each time you visit.
  • Turn off your phone. If you know that you must be available for an important call, tell the tutor at the beginning of the session or come back another time. If you decide to stay, make sure your phone is silent.
  • Take notes. It is likely that the tutor will focus on a few important issues even if you have other issues that you know you need to address. If you know that you will want more tutoring sessions, take notes so you can tell the next tutor.

Learning community courses have supplemental embedded tutors assigned to them who work closely with students and instructors on course material.

See our FAQ here!

Attend live workshops on campus and through Zoom that are relevant to your academic needs. To access Zoom workshops, enroll in our Canvas page by clicking the link provided on the schedule.

See our semester schedule here!

English Center worksheets are used by tutors while helping students. They are available on campus and can be accessed digitally on the English Center Canvas Page under the Student Resources module. If you need further help on specific topics, be sure to work with a tutor!

Topics include

  • General support for academic writing skills
  • Understanding and troubleshooting grammar issues
  • Specific transfer level skills

English Center Outreach

The English Center works closely with faculty to provide resources and a community hub for instructors as well as for students. We strive to ensure that our tutoring supports current curriculum wherever relevant, with a special emphasis on supporting basic skills courses.

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Get help with all your studies! Visit the Tutorial/Learning Center and the Math Center for more course related assistance.

City College Tutoring Centers

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  • MLA Format Information
  • APA Format Information

English Center Support

Map and Campus Information

L-209 (L Building)
Front Desk: (619) 388-3633
Fax: (619) 388-3433

Chris Baron
Professor, English
English Center Coordinator
(619) 388-3261 

Wendy Castellanos
English Center Supervisor

  • Tutor Training
  • Program Development


Gavin Brown
Adjunct Professor, English

  • English Center Supervisor
  • Online Coordinator
  • Workshop Coordinator
  • Program Development 

Currently employed tutors can access certain services through the web. For all other services, see our Tutors Only Canvas shell.

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Students are eligible for employment as a tutor at the English Center after completing English 101 or equivalent with a grade of "B" or better and have at least one letter of recommendation from a San Diego Community College District faculty member familiar with the applicant's writing, interpersonal skills, and experiences.

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We are CRLA Certified!

We are CRLA Certified