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Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC)

The PDAC is a standing committee of the Instructional Cabinet.

  • PDAC meetings are 2nd Tuesdays, 12:30pm to 2:00pm
  • PD Funding workgroup meetings are 1st Thursdays, 3:00pm to 4:00pm


  • Robbi Ewell, Dean of Information and Learning Technology
  • Christy Ball, Professor, English

Classified Professionals:

  • Sean Ryan, Instructional Lab Technician, LRC; Classified Senate President
  • Neary Sim, Administrative Assistant IV, School of Behavioral & Social Sciences and Consumer & Family Studies
  • Temmy Najimy, Administrative Assistant IV, School of Information & Learning Technology
  • Justin Bigley, Administrative Assistant III, Professional Development


  • Susan Murray, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness


  • Marco Anzures, Adjunct Professor, Professional Learning Coordinator
  • Don Long, Professor, Professional Development
  • Christy Ball, Professor, English
  • Donna Carter, Adjunct Professor, Counseling
  • Kari Crawford, Professor, disAbility Support Programs and Services
  • Sarah Hawkins Professor, Life Science
  • Anna Rogers, Professor, English
  • Salem Berhanu, Counselor, EOPS
  • Michael George, Adjunct Professor, Mathematics


  • Vacant -- If you are a student and are interested in joining us, please contact


  • Majeda Nasrawi, Instructional Superviser, ILC / OCTM 

  • Facilitate and support the ongoing creation of learning opportunities for all Managers / Administers, Faculty, Supervisors and Classified Professionals, to continue to build San Diego City College support student success. The committee is also charged with improving and sustaining professional growth across campus, programs, departments as well as  initiatives.
  • Design, review, implement, and evaluate professional development activities and budget to ensure that activities meet the guidelines for professional development as prescribed in Title 5 and that SDCC's strategic goals are supported and met.

  • Make recommendations to the Instructional Cabinet and Student Services Council at regularly scheduled meetings.

  • Recommend, develop, review, revise and implement annually a 3-year campus professional development plan through a collaborative and shared governance process.

  • Instructional Cabinet
  • Academic Senate
  • Classified Senate
  • Student Services Council
  • College Council

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