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Terms of Agreement

You are required to accept and follow the Terms of Agreement to be eligible for and/or to maintain eligibility for any of the aid programs in which San Diego City, San Diego Mesa and San Diego Miramar College participate.


Upon acceptance of financial aid from my selected campus of record, I certify and acknowledge awareness, that:


1. I understand the maximum lifetime eligibility I have to receive a Pell grant is six (6) full years. In addition, I am not eligible to receive a Pell grant after I have earned a bachelor's degree or my first professional degree.  


2. I understand the Financial Aid Office reserves the right to verify all documents submitted for my file along with information provided on my FAFSA at any time. During the review process, it may be determined that more documentation or information is needed to resolve conflicting information. Until the additional information is provided, no further processing will be done on my file.  The final determination of my eligibility may be delayed if corrections are needed or other information is required. To the best of my knowledge, the information contained in my student aid application and with the Admissions and Records Office is accurate and complete.


3. If I am enrolling in college for the first time after July 1, 2012, I must have a High School Diploma, GED or state equivalent to be eligible for any federal financial aid.


4. I understand that the most current OFFICIAL academic transcript from all prior institutions attended must be on file with the San Diego Community College District.


5. I understand I am responsible to obtain an Educational Program Plan if I am attempting to reinstate my financial aid through the financial aid appeal process or if I am applying for a sophomore-level loan.


6. I understand the award amount(s) indicated on my award letter is based upon full-time enrollment (12 units or more). My actual disbursement may be reduced based on my enrollment schedule/status on the financial aid "freeze date". Once my initial Pell Grant and/or Cal Grant payments are disbursed, my enrollment is frozen for the semester and any units I add after that date will not be counted. If I am awarded during the semester and the semester "freeze date" has passed, my enrollment status will be determined and frozen based on the date of my actual disbursement. Federal regulations do not allow any exceptions including students certified by DSPS for less than 12 units to be considered full-time.


7. If you are enrolled in a Self-paced class (open entry, open exit), you will only receive enrollment credit and financial aid for the very first semester of enrollment provided you enroll by the semester freeze date. If you continue the class into the next semester, you will not receive enrollment credit again and the class will not count towards your payment determination for financial aid for the next semester. Students can only receive financial aid for up to 1 repeat of any course with a passing grade (this includes grades with a "D").


8. If I enroll in mainly all online classes, I will be required to provide proof of identity in-person at the Financial Aid Office in order to clear my first Grant or Loan disbursement. If I fail to provide proof of identity then a hold will be placed on all financial aid disbursements.


9. I understand if I withdraw from all my classes before completing 60% of the semester, or fail to attend a late-starting class, I will be liable to return the unearned portion of financial aid funds received. Also, if I use my Pell Grant to purchase books, supplies, and/or a bus pass, without attending class, I will be required to return 100% of the charges made to the Bookstore and/or Financial Aid Office.


10. If I am or become a non-resident, I authorize the college to credit my student account with any Pell Grant and any other available funds for which I qualify to cover applicable tuition and enrollment fees. I also understand that I must pay the balance of tuition and fees within the required timeframe or I will be dropped for non-payment. Currently, student loans cannot be directly used to credit my account balance with the school.


11. If I am enrolled in only online classes and I reside outside of California, I will not be eligible for financial aid.


12. I will not be eligible for any Federal aid if I am in "Default" on a Stafford, Direct, PLUS, SLS, or Perkins Loan or other loans from any institution.


13. I will not be eligible for aid if I owe a repayment or overpayment on a Pell Grant, SEOG, or any other grant from any college. I may regain eligibility by providing proof that I have paid my overpayment in full or I have provided proof that I have made satisfactory arrangements to repay my overpayment.


14. I understand that my signature/PIN on the FAFSA authorized the release of any records pertaining to my State and Federal aid to any educational institution, guarantee agency, or State and/or Federal entity, for the purpose of maintaining compliance with State and Federal regulations. If I would like to check my financial aid status by phone or by e-mail, I must have established a financial aid password with the Financial Aid Office. I also understand that my acceptance of these Terms of Agreement authorizes my institution to release any records to third party servicers contracted by the institution for the purpose of analyzing, monitoring and preventing student loan defaults.


15. I must select my "Campus-of-Record (COR) school" (San Diego City College, or San Diego Mesa College, or San Diego Miramar College) and I understand I must enroll in one or more classes at that school in order to be eligible to receive funds from that school.  If I drop all units from COR school, my award offer becomes ineligible. I understand if I receive financial aid funds at any other institution, I must notify the Financial Aid Office at my COR college immediately. Failure to do so may result in an overpayment. If I am required to return financial aid funds due to an overpayment or for any other reason, a hold will be placed on my records until I repay the amount owed.


16. I understand that my financial aid eligibility is contingent upon meeting and maintaining satisfactory academic progress according to the standards of this institution. I acknowledge that a copy of the "Policy for Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for Financial Aid Recipients" brochure is available on the Financial Aid website or at the school's Financial Aid Office. I agree to read these standards and follow the policies outlined within. The school uniformly applies these standards to all aid applicants at the end of the Spring semester to determine eligibility for the next academic year.